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Degussa GmbH Aerosil and Silanes im Internet 

Degussa GmbH 
Aerosil & Silanes

Aerosil in Englisch:

Aerosil in Deutsch:

Aerosil in Japanisch:

Aerosil in Chinesisch (neu) - funktionelle Silane von der Degussa - funktionelle Silane für Bautenschutzprodukte

Electronic Materials

INDISPRON® TEC - das Komplettpaket für die industrielle Schädlingsbekämpfung



Smartformulating Marketplace Smartformulating

Online Libraries

Chemidex Online Search for Chemicals for following Industries:
- Adhesives & Sealants
- Graphic Arts & Inks
- Paint & Coatings
- Personal Care & Cosmetics
available in the US, Europe and Asia providing Documents in 12 Languages...
FormulationCenter von Online Search provided by Vincentz Network - 
- Search for the right raw material
- Compare physical or chemical properties
- Download product datasheets, MSDS, starting point formulations, ...
- Order product samples, tech support or sales contacts with one click
- Browse our editorial archives for relevant information from FARBE UND LACK and European Coatings Journal
- Enjoy the extensive selection of over 1,500 suppliers from the entire coatings industry.
ChemCompass ChemCompass is the product, company and service data base of the chemical industry and the successor of the "Firmenhandbuch der Chemischen Industrie" (company manual of the chemical industry), which has been published in 19 editions since 1953, ChemCompass came into being at the instance of the VCI, German Chemical Industry Association and the VCH, German Association of Chemical Trade and Distribution.




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